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Jasmine is 11 years old and attends Northpine Christian College as a Year 6 student. She has been in pony club since 3 years old and is a member of the Burpengary Pony Club. Jasmine’s chosen field is show jumping. She absolutely loves show jumping and attends regular clinics and lessons. She has Nelson Pessoa training DVD’s and will watch show jumping all day long. Jasmine has also competed at gymkhanas from the time she was about 5 years old.Jasmine’s main horse is Ice Cream. He is a lovely grey Percheron x gelding of about 14hh. Jasmine and Ice Cream compete at jumping days and will start doing combined training as well. Jasmine has just taken on another horse. A 13hh grey welsh gelding that has only been used for mustering before. She will educate him for show jumping after a lot of flat work. She also rides her little sisters welsh mare when she needs sorting out. Jasmine wanted to enter the personality quest to help raise money for the RDA whilst helping to promote Pony Club to the wider community. She wants other kids to know the fun that they can have at pony club and make great friend for life.



Katie Morrow is 13 years old, loves horses and live at Mt Martin, about 65 kilometers out of Mackay. Katie attends Mirani High School and is their Junior Cultural Captain. Riding for 5 years Katie has had horses since she was two and thinks they are amazing creatures. She gets this adrenaline rush whenever her behind hits the saddle. Her horses’ 16 Year old Quarter horse Cricket and 23 Year old Arab x Warmblood Mick mean everything to her. Cricket is for horse for Jumping, Dressage and Gymkhanas and Mick is semi-retired. Special interests in Pony Club are Showjumping, Dressage, Combined Training and some Gymkhanas. Katie rode Mick in the 2014 State Jumping Equitation and this year competed on Cricket in the State Jumping equitation and Showjumping placing in the top 5 for 70cm. When she is not at pony club, Katie plays netball and goes skiing and camping with the family. Katie’s goal in life is to become a middle school teacher for the disabled and she believes everyone in life should be given a fair go no matter what their circumstances. Her dream is to go to the Olympics and her only boundary is the sky 



Isabella Inglis is a 13 year old local Whitsunday Rider, who lives in Sugarloaf Airlie Beach. Isabella attends St Catherine Catholic College in Proserpine and has been a member of the local Cannonvalley Pony Club since 2015. Isabella has been riding since she was 7 years old, attending the local riding school Sweet Acres, Isabella quickly progressed with her love and passion of horses. In 2014 she purchased her first horse Charming Melody or affectionately known as “Charm”, a Welsh Pony x British Riding Pony. Since this time Isabella has worked on honing her skills in the show jumping arena by attending all local Regional Pony Club shows which she has placed 1st and 2nd in many of these events. Isabella is hoping by attending these events she will be able to qualify for the State Titles in 2017.
Isabella attends fortnightly Evan Parker Jump lessons and is an active member of the Whitsunday Equestrian Group, once a month she also attends Harvey Beasley flatwork lessons. Isabella’s family property is located in Riordanvale and is set up with a jump and dressage arena so she can practice her skills on her weekends and in her spare time. Isabella is excited to raise funds for Emerald RDA, she strongly believes in equality and accessibility for all people to achieve their dreams and to make long lasting friendships along the way.


Samantha is a 19 year old and is currently working full time in the family business. She began riding when she was six at the next door neighbours. Her first horse was a Welsh Mountain Pony called Minnie and rode her until Sam grew out of her. Minnie is now part of the family and a paddock companion for the other horses. Next Sam bought a 2 year old Quarter Horse named Rosie. Over the years, many long and hard hours have been spent in the saddle teaching Rosie the basics and many other movements. Sam and Rosie took on Show jumping as there chosen discipline. Rosie has become an outstanding all-rounder and trustworthy horse for any age or level to ride. Sam and Rosie both competed at many State Championships, included Dressage and Combined Training in 2013, Jump Equitation and Show jumping in 2014 and 2015. However, while Rosie was not built for the show jumping ring Sam made the decision to sell her onto a beginner rider. Sam has bought two new horses. An off the track thoroughbred who is currently a project horse called Molly, and a new Show jumping horse who has not had much experience jumping but is showing immense amount of potential, called Witchery.  With Sam’s combined passion for horses and riding and being able to contribute in a small way to a worthwhile foundation, she can see the importance that a little fundraising can make to a RDA centre.  


Taylah is currently 16 years of age and in her final senior year of high school. She has been riding since she was around six years old. It all started with her grandmother’s old quarter horse, thorough bred cross. He was her first horse, a big gentle giant that took care of her no matter what. They had a great relationship and mutual respect for each other. This fantastic experience is what made Taylah fall in love with horses; you could say she has been horse crazy ever since. Despite that fact that she is riddled with school work in this important year of her life, Taylah is still up at the crack of dawn every morning to ride before school, and then again every afternoon after school. There is nothing she loves more than a ride before school to put her in a good mood for the day, and a ride after to relieve any stress that she may be feeling. I guess you could say riding is her outlet and great escape. Also, all of her family ride so it is a great bonding experience for them all. Taylah’s father has been her riding instructor from the very beginning, and she cannot thank him enough for everything he has done. She has gone through a fair few horses since starting (because she just can’t get enough of them), each one helping her grow in riding, in personality, and in her love for the animals and the sport. Taylah has competed in state championships and every pony club event that she can get to and loves the competition along with the great friends and new experiences that come about every gymkhana. Taylah can see the amazing work that the RDAQ are doing every day. Helping all those children that are defying odds and doing things they never thought they would. For many of these children going and riding these horses is their outlet. Just like herself, for them riding the horses is a stress reliever. They can go to these centers, ride the horses and forget about everything and just have fun. The amazing people the work for the RDAQ, especially the volunteers, are in her eyes, absolute extraordinary people. They give time out of their day to give these children a wonderful experience and it would be an honour for her to raise a bit of money and help them out because she knows they definitely deserve it.  Taylor is looking forward to helping out and hope that her little contribution can make a difference.


Bobbie-Lee is a 16 year old Innisfail Horse & Pony club rider who has been a member since 2 years of age.  Her time in pony club has led to many great achievements and experiences throughout her involvement, the most recent new experience being with the RDA.
The decision to do the Quest was partly brought about by Bobbie having a pony club friend whose brother has a disability.  She has learned about the family’s involvement in the districts centre and felt with the Quest being so close to Far North Qld this proved the perfect opportunity to learn and help the NQ RDA centre whilst on her journey as an RDA Quest entrant. Bobbie spends her spare time doing things she loves.  Firstly her favourite of course is equestrian activities, being with friends and family as well as listening to country music, being outdoors and reading, with her favourite author being Fiona Palmer. Also touch football and supporting the local rugby league football teams and she works on the family farm on weekends. Bobbie is currently studying year 11 at Good Counsel College with the ambition of becoming a midwife.  Competition in 2016 has taken a back step as studying for senior schooling has proven demanding. However, she has taken on a green warm blood called Beau who is by “Budweiser” that she is currently schooling and is looking forward to being in the competition ring shortly with him. Her pony club highlights have been many.  Most importantly would be the friends she has made from all over the world including China and America after representing PCAQ at the China Horse Festival last year. Zone Personality Quests and state events have also proven to be wonderful and exciting times for her with much success in all that she does. Achievements include winning State Dressage Age Champion 2010, top 10 placing’s at every state event in the Olympic Disciplines since then, winning a 2nd place in the A/B grade show jumping and in the 14 & Under 15 yrs Jumping Equitation last year, as well as raising $5500 for zone 18 and her club, therefore winning Zone Fundraiser and also the Junior Personality Quest in 2012. Bobbie is grateful for the pony club movement and the opportunity it creates in so many ways and looks forward to making new friends and having lots of fun on the night of the Quest.




Emma is a pony clubber and she has Pony Club in her bones, in her soul and in her heart. Since she was seven she has been a member of pony club in Zone 10. Having been carefully influenced by some amazing people throughout this time and in response to this has acted as a mentor and role model the best she can. Emma has ridden various horses to state level across Show jumping, Equitation, Dressage, Combined Training and Horse Trials finishing with medals and ribbons occasionally, but always with a sound horse and a positive memory. This emphasis on her horse’s well-being and a good experience has been the guiding light on all her equestrian endeavours. In 2008 Emma discovered the Personality Quest and entered. She wanted to raise some money for the RDAQ as she knows the positive impact horses have had on her life and wanted to be able to share that with people with disabilities. Emma really enjoyed the experience and raised a considerable amount of money that year and was very fortunate to be able to take home first prize which was incredibly flattering. Since 2008, Emma has been thrown full force into the real world, and her philanthropic efforts have taken a back seat. Her pony club hosted last year’s Personality Dinner Dance at which she acted as an MC. Throughout the night, Megan, Margie, Justin and Emma lamented about how low numbers were and how the quest needed a boost. Justin and Emma found each other’s competitive nature and they challenged each other to enter again in 2016. From that, the inaugural ‘All-Stars Personality Quest’ was born. Emma is nearing the end of her involvement in Pony Club as a rider, but she is certainly not slowing down (much to her fiance's chagrin). Next year will be her first experience in the hotly contested and highly competitive senior’s class. There are various sheep stations up for grabs in this class, all varying in size! Haha. Emma is going to continue in her role as secretary and she is sure that it won’t be long until she is being bullied into studying for my B level instructor’s exam, she already has some basic judging accreditations and will continue to improve her skills in that area. 


Justin was born into pony club and has grown up and evolved as a true pony clubber. Justin’s mother has been a member of Hendra Pony Club for 33 years. Justin’s passion for Pony Club has come from attending Pony Club with his mother. In 2016 Justin turns 25 and in February 2016 Justin will be 25 years as a member Hendra Pony Club & Metropolitan Zone 1. Justin has actively ridden across all disciplines but was mostly competitive with Sporting, Mounted Games and Campdrafting. Justin no longer competes but is very involved with the administration and event organisation of Pony Club at multiple levels. Justin is currently and has been the Secretary of Hendra Pony Club for 3 years, he is also currently and has been on the Metropolitan Zone 1 Sporting & Campdrafting Sub-Committee since turning 18 in 2009. Justin can be found most weekends judging or scoring at events not only in Zone 1 but also Zone 2, 3 & 26. When he is not judging or scoring he is at club musters and training days not only at his club but at various clubs throughout Zone 1. Justin has also worked occasionally in the PCAQ office assisting with administration. In 2013 Justin’s friend Alysse Lynham entered in to the PCAQ Personality Quest and after helping Alysse with the fundraising Justin decided that in 2014 he would enter the Personality Quest. Justin thinks that the PCAQ Personality Quest is a great way to raise vital funds for RDAQ and was excited to be involved. He was able to raise a large amount of funds for RDAQ, was runner up for the Fundraising Quest and become the first ever male winner of the PCAQ Personality Quest.  Since winning the Quest Justin has dedicated time to attending fundraisers and events to promote not only the Personality Quest but also Pony Club Queensland and RDA. Justin has also judged for multiple years at the RDAQ State Championships. In 2015 Justin gave support to Georgia Rigby who became the Junior Personality Quest Winner. During the 2015 Personality Quest 2015 Megan, Margie, Emma and Justin discussed the declining number of entrants in the Quest and decided something needed to be done to reverse this. Emma and Justin decided that we would enter into the Personality Quest again in 2016. Megan suggested that we invite former winners and create an All-Stars section to the Quest. Justin believes that this will hopefully boost entrants and funds in 2016.



Talitha Mulvena is 20 years old and lives in Bundaberg with her family including her younger brother Tim who has cerebral palsy. Talitha won the PCAQ personality quest in 2015 and this year will be contesting the All Stars section of the Quest. Talitha is really enjoying her time as winner of the 2015 Personality Quest:- she has spent time promoting the personality quest and presenting awards in many areas including the Riding For the Disabled State Titles, which were held at the State Equestrian Centre (QSEC) in July. Talitha adores her brother Tim and is part of the reason he is known for his sunny personality and huge smile. Talitha is also a big part of the Bundaberg Riding for Disabled Centre and has just started studying for her coach's degree as well as studying for a Certificate 3 in Disability Services. A fun loving and outgoing person Talitha enjoys working with people affected by disabilities putting her heart and soul into the client days at RDA. Talitha has had horses her whole life enjoying pony club when she was a child and now sharing her pony PJ with children with disabilities. Talitha would like to say a huge .thank you to Sandale Saddlery for the sponsorship from last year's Personality Quest. Her beautiful prize saddle is used with pride at the Bundaberg RDA Centre.


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