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2016 Qualifying Criteria for State Events

Click on the link at the bottom of the page for a short explanation on E, D, D*,C, C*,K, B & A Certificate Work
Recommended ages for Queensland pony club members are as follows:
E   Certificate           Under 7 Years
D   Certificate          7 Yrs
D* Certificate          9 Yrs
C   Certificate          11 Yrs
C* Certificate          12 Yrs
K   Certificate          13 Yrs
B   Certificate          15 Yrs
H - A Certificates    17 Yrs   

2014  Administration Handbook
Clubs & Zones will receive a free copy which contains all the forms.

2016 Rules for Dressage & Combined Training
Click on the link below to see the revised heights for Combined Training beginning January 2016.                                                                 
2016 (February) Revised Rules for Combined Training

Please Note: As of 2016 Whips may be used  and 1/2 marks awarded in Combined Training

2016 Rules for Showjumping
Click on the link below to see the heights for Showjumping Jan. 2016
2016 Revised Rules for Showjumping Events

2016 Rules for Jumping Equitation Rules
Jumping Equitation Score Sheet

2016 Rules for Sporting  Formal Gymkhana

2016 Rules Campdraft, Team Penning, Stockman's Polo & Stockman's Challenge

International Mounted Games - 2011

2016 Rules for Horse Trials
A medical arm band will be required to be worn for any cross-country competition.
Template for Medical Arm Band
Trim the side & bottom, fold lengthwise in three with Riders Personal Data on the top.

2015 National Tetrathlon Rulebook

2014 Dressage Test Book - April
New as at January 2014 - Revised 1st April

2016 Uniform & Saddlery Rules for Gear Check

Scoring Handbook 2014
2014 Updated Scoresheets in all Disciplines

Current Downgrading Rules - 2010

Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction - 2013
Guidelines for working towards your proficiency Certificates

Proficiency Certificate Work Explained

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